The 5 Best TV Shows For Little Kids

Digital contents are a significant part of our life in today’s modern time that we can’t overlook. Television has made an impact with its various shows without which we are missing a big part of our life. But the concerning bit is that they have become a huge part in our children’s life too. And the programs they watch has the power to convey certain values to the children that can be both beneficial and detrimental.

For this reason, it is very important that you know the values and behaviors that each of these programs provides to your small one. Because you don’t want to expose them to the garbage lying around and get them infected. But also, you can’t deprive them of the entertainment. So, it is your task to ensure they get their fun but also learn things. Except it is impossible for you to go through every show to know which might be appropriate for your kid. No need to worry anymore as we’ve done that for you and came up with a list of the 5 Best TV Shows For Little Kids.

Peppa Pig

The Peppa Pig series first aired in 2004 in the UK as a product of the creation of animation specialists Neville Astley and Mark Baker. From the beginning, this British series has been a sensation in 180 countries and has become a very popular and commercial icon. To the point of being used for political purposes as it was used to promote a government program to reduce child poverty. In addition to that, the program has won 11 BAFTA awards.

Much of the success of this series is due to the short stories of everyday life displayed there, without a repetitive structure as in the case of Dora the Explorer or Jake and Neverland Pirates. The main characters in this series move away from being stereotypes and have both positive and negative traits. And undeniably, something that your kid would enjoy and in that process learns some values.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

Ben and Holly’s little kingdom is the brainchild of Mark Baker. The same person behind the creation of Peppa. So, it is bound to be great, and in many ways a superior version of the Peppa Pig. The objective of the program is the same to teach kids while they get entertained. But the storyline is completely different from his earlier creation, as Ben and Holly’s story takes place in a magical kingdom instead of a town. And they went with such narrative to give the program a different taste and also it gives more creative freedom to the makers.

The show got everything you want and the best part is that grown-ups can also appreciate the show. That tells a lot about the show.


In my opinion, Caillou is one of the best cartoon series for children between 2 and 4 years old. At this age, the children emulate everything they see. And this program for children can help improve their behavior and stir their creativity. As this series is based on values such as generosity, helping others, good manners, sharing with family, treating people with respect, etc.

Caillou is a Canadian cartoon series that has been well received by both children and parents. It started as books for young children, so the series always begins with a grandmother reading to her grandchildren about the adventures of Caillou, and the style of animation looks like a coloring book. Currently, the program is broadcast by the channel Discovery Kids although you can also find practically the entire series on Youtube.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The creation of Walt Disney with which everyone is familiar with. And currently, there is a program called “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” in Disney Junior, where you get to see all the classic characters of Walt Disney.

More than any other series, the house of Mickey Mouse is a great experience that makes the little ones imagine that he/she is a character since it invites them to live in a world where they can learn through adventures. This program speaks directly to the children and invites them to participate in the plot, even waiting a few seconds for the child to act as if he or she wishes.

Hey, Duggee

If learning with fun is the objective, then Hey, Duggee serves that with style. Undeniably one of the most attractive shows for little kids for its colorful characters to its amazing music. Kid instantly fall for it and you will too when you will see your kids having fun watching it.

Hopefully, you’ve found some shows that are appropriate for your kids. But don’t let them get addicted to them, so set a particular time for watching these shows. Because an excess of anything isn’t good. And if possible watch the shows with them to see if they are really worthy for your kids.

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