Top 5 Quietest Portable Air Conditioners Under 50 dB in 2024

Portable air conditioners are a great alternative to window AC or central cooling systems. They are efficient, affordable, and portable. However, there is one drawback, and that is the noise level. Let me just hit you with a piece of honesty and that is there are no silent portable air conditioners. But don’t be disheartened. There are portable air conditioners that barely make any noise and we are here to serve the list. 

Please read our review on the Quietest Portable Air Conditioners. These air conditioners are fast, cool effectively, portable and the noise level is under 50 dB! 

The 5 Quietest Portable Air Conditioners Review of 2024

ModelDreo TwinCoolTOSOTMidea DuoAiro ComfortHaier
PriceBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Noise Level42 dB49 dB49.5 dB50 dB50 dB
Coverage Area450 sq ft300 sq ft450 sq ft200 sq ft350 sq ft
VerdictBest for bedroomBest for office or living roomBest for larger spaceBest for small spaceBest budget friendly
ProsQuiet operation Fast cooling Great coverage areaEnergy efficient Has multiple modes Fast coolingEnergy efficient Quiet operation Faster cooling than most ACsEasy to install Easy to operate Great for small roomCompact Quiet operation Digital thermostat
ConsDoes not have dry modeNot recommended for sleeping areaMust place near the windowTakes some time to coolIs not suitable for large space

1. Dreo TwinCool Portable Air Conditioner

Dreo TwinCool 12000 BTU Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner
Dreo TwinCool 12000 BTU Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

Dreo TwinCool is the quietest portable air conditioner available on the market with the noise level being 42 dB! This unique air conditioner has 5 different modes, including humidification and sleep. We love a portable air conditioner that is fast, energy-efficient, and barely makes any noise. And these are the adjectives I would use to describe this air conditioner. 

The coverage area is 450 sq ft, which is quite impressive. Since it is silent, it comes with a remote control and timer option. It is the best portable air conditioner for bedrooms. So, if you need the quietest portable air conditioner for your bedroom, then this is the one for you. 


  • Brand- Dreo
  • Capacity- 72.9 Pounds
  • Cooling Power – 12000 British Thermal Units
  • Special Feature- Inverter Compressor, Fast Cooling, Dehumidifier, Remote control
  • Product Dimensions- (16.73″D x 19.52″W x 34.05″H)

Key Features 

  • Dual hose portable air conditioner 
  • Perfect for a 450 sq space 
  • Has 5 different modes 
  • 60-86°F temperature control
  • 42 dB noise level 
  • 40% more energy efficient 
  • Has 24-hour timer settings 
  • Comes with a remote control 


2. TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner

TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner
TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner

If your space is around 350 sq ft and your budget is also under $350, then this is the best option for you. The TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner is a great budget-friendly option and the noise level is also just 49 dB, which is perfect in case you are sensitive to noise. It comes with a remote control and the temperature range is from 61-86 ℉.

What we love about this air conditioner is that it is super portable and has a child lock, thus it is perfect if you have a toddler at home. Other than that it also has a sleep mode which ensures that it makes minimum noise and you can sleep in peace. Very considerate of them and lastly, the air filter is washable too. 


  • Brand- TOSOT
  • Mounting Type- Freestanding
  • Special Feature- Portable, Dehumidifier
  • Color- Grey
  • Controls Type- Remote
  • Floor Area- 300 Square Feet
  • Item Weight- 55 Pounds

Key Features 

  • Provides powerful cooling to 300 sq ft space 
  • Has fan and dehumidifier option 
  • Use the sleep option to activate the silent operation 
  • Has child lock 
  • 24-hour timer setting 
  • Comes with a reusable air filter 


3. Midea Duo Ultra Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

Midea Duo HE Inverter Ultra Quiet Portable Air Conditioner
Midea Duo HE Inverter Ultra Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

Midea duo is known for their quiet portable air conditioners and we have tested one in the past and it is outstanding. But the best one from the Midea duo has to be this particular air conditioner. The black exterior gives it the perfect visual and you can operate it through a remote control, Wi-Fi, or any voice command. 

This dual-hose air conditioner does the exhaust perfectly and maintains the most comfortable balance of air circulation. It also works super fast and provides a cool air breeze. It is also energy efficient, but the best part is the noise level. The noise level for this one is 42 dB which is as quiet as a library. 


  • Brand- Midea
  • Capacity- 6 Cubic Feet
  • Cooling Power – 12000 British Thermal Units
  • Special Feature- Dust Filter
  • Product Dimensions- (16.73″D x 19.53″W x 34.48″H)
  • Noise Level- 49.5 dB
  • Floor Area- 450 Square Feet

Key Features 

  • The special hose-in-hose technology maintains a balanced air circulation 
  • 40% more energy efficient than the competitors 
  • Provides 2x faster and cooler operation 
  • The sound level is 42 dB
  • You can operate this air conditioner with a remote, wifi, or voice control


4. Airo Comfort Portable Air Conditioner

Airo Comfort Portable Air Conditioner
Airo Comfort Portable Air Conditioner

Airo Comfort Portable Air Conditioner is the best quiet air conditioner for a small room. The coverage area of this air conditioner is 200 sq ft. Also, the noise level is 52 dB. It is super compact, so it will not occupy a lot of your floor space. 

The unique part of this air conditioner is the LED display, which is a great way to portray the temperature and other settings. But the light can be a distraction if you are trying to sleep. Hence, they came with the option of turning off the LED light while sleeping and the cooling is also on point. Speaking of cooling, it has an oscillating feature to disperse the air. Lastly, it is also reasonably priced. 


  • Capacity- 30 Kilograms
  • Cooling Power – 8000 British Thermal Units
  • Special Feature- Portable
  • Product Dimensions- (15″D x 17.8″W x 30.5″H)
  • Color- White
  • Voltage- 115 Volts
  • Sound Level- 52 dB

Key Features 

  • Provides effortless cooling to 200 sq ft space 
  • The LED display is impressive for showing the functions properly 
  • You can also turn the LED display off before sleeping
  • You get the perfect air flow through oscillating
  • This compact air conditioner is a cooler, fan, and humidifier 
  • Easy to assemble 


5. Haier Portable Electronic Air Conditioner

Haier Portable Electronic Air Conditioner
Haier Portable Electronic Air Conditioner

Haier Portable Electronic Air Conditioner is the most underrated air conditioner and I feel like it does not receive the hype it deserves. Since people don’t talk much about it, I will do it myself. This air conditioner has a coverage area of 450 sq ft and the noise level is 50 dB. Thus, you can use it in a medium to large space. 

Like an ideal air conditioner, it has 3 different cooling settings. It also has a dehumidifier, and it comes with a window exhaust kit, so you have to place it by the window. You can easily operate the air conditioner with a remote control and the digital temperature display is also an immense help. Lastly, it has a 24-hour timer setting for more convenience. 


  • Brand- Haier
  • Cooling Power – 12000
  • Special Feature- Dehumidifier, remote control
  • Product Dimensions- (14.25″D x 16.88″W x 27.75″H)
  • Color- White
  • Voltage- 120 Volts
  • Number of Speeds- 3
  • Floor Area- 450 Square Feet

Key Features 

  • 3 different cooling, fan, and dehumidifier 
  • Has window exhaust kit 
  • Digital temperature display 
  • 24-hour timer setting 
  • Comes with a remote control 


Look For These Features In The Quietest Portable Air Conditioner 

Portable air conditioners are amazing. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it yet you get the same level of a cool breeze as you would get from a central air conditioner. They are also compact and you can easily take them to places. While there are so many positive sides, there are a few not-too-outstanding features too. The most annoying feature is the noise that they create. 

However, not all portable air conditioners are noisy and you can easily avoid a noisy air conditioner by looking for these features. So, follow this guide and I promise you that you will never come across a noisy air conditioner again. 

Low Noise Level 

You can find out how noisy the air conditioner is just by looking at its noise level. Each portable air conditioner comes with its noise level attached to the packaging. That being said, the portable air conditioner’s noise level is mostly within the range of 50- 60 decibels. If you want a quiet portable air conditioner, then make sure the noise level is under 55 decibels. That way, you can tolerate the faint noise without being irritated. 

Decibel Scale
Decibel scale chart

Dual Motor System 

Usually, portable air conditioners have two types of motor systems. Single motor air conditioners and dual motor air conditioners. Single-motor air conditioners typically make more noise than a single motor one. So, you should choose a dual motor system air conditioner since they are significantly quiet. You can see if the air conditioner has an insulated compressor. Insulated compressor plays a huge role in reducing any noise. 

Fan Speed

You can easily find out if the air conditioner has multiple fan speeds. Brands mention that in their product description. So, when you have the option to choose from multiple fan speeds, you can easily go for an airflow that makes the least amount of noise


Btu rating is basically the cooling power of your air conditioner. While it is important to have an AC with BTU compatible with your space. However, you get an AC of a little more capacity. Now this has to do something with the noise. If your AC has more BTU, then you can operate it at a lower BTU. By doing this, you can lower the noise level. So, what I’m saying is if you can operate your AC at low BTU, then it will also produce less noise. 

What Makes Portable Air Conditioners Noisy 

Portable air conditioners are absolute blessings during a hot summer day. There are a lot of people living in apartment buildings without a central air conditioner. While window ACs are great but they have their own shortcomings too. In these stated situations, portable air conditioners work the best. 

Like they say, there is no gain without pain. Portable air conditioners will also cause you a little pain and that is the noise. It is no secret that portable air conditioners are noisy and if you ask me if there are any silent portable air conditioners, then I’m sorry to disappoint but there are no such things as a silent portable air conditioner. 

Now, let’s find out where that noise is coming from. There is one particular reason, and that is the compressor being inside. Since the compressor is inside instead of outside, it makes the noise. As simple as that. 

Make a Portable Air Conditioner Quieter 

We have established the fact that portable air conditioners are noisy and we have also explained previously the cause of noise. Now let’s see if we can do something about the noise. So, there are a few ways you can make your portable air conditioners. 

Like I said, there are some ways to reduce the noise. You can’t totally eliminate the noise but you can see if the following tricks work with you. 

  • Run your air conditioner in a lower setting. 
  • Clean the reusable air filters or replace them every three months. 
  • Thoroughly clean the room to avoid any dust getting stuck in the AC
  • Place the air conditioner at a decent distance 
  • Purchase a portable air conditioner with a lower noise level

Top Pick 

Dreo TwinCool Portable Air Conditioner is the quietest portable air conditioner. We all know the struggle of finding a quiet air conditioner. There are so many pitfalls and false advertising involved. However, we knew our goal, and we did not compromise the quality. 

We choose this air conditioner as the quietest air conditioner for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the noise level is 42, which is the lowest you could find. Secondly, it has a wide coverage area, and it is also energy efficient. Lastly, the cooling is fast and cold. So, it has everything and more you need in a portable air conditioner. 

Dreo TwinCool 12000 BTU Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

Dreo TwinCool Portable Air Conditioner


Which portable AC has the least noise?

Dreo TwinCool Portable Air Conditioner makes the least noise. The noise level of this air conditioner is 42 dB, which is so much less than other portable air conditioners available on the market.

Can you make a portable AC quieter?

Yes, you can make portable AC quieter. All you have to do is clean the room well before operating the AC and clean the air filters regularly. Also, operating a portable air conditioner at a lower setting also helps to reduce noise. 

Are all portable ACs noisy?

I wouldn’t say all the portable air conditioners are noisy. Well, it is true that all portable air conditioners make noise, but the noise levels can have some differences. There are so many brands available that don’t make a lot of noise. For example, air conditioners usually make 50-65 dB noise, but you can also find air conditioners that make 42 dB noise. 


So, these are the Quietest Portable Air Conditioners available on the market in 2024. We independently test and research our content. So, please keep an eye on our upcoming content.

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