How Do I Take Care Of My Baby’s Skin

How do I take care of my baby’s skin? A question that springs upon to every parent mind which isn’t that surprising.

As we know babies have very sensitive skin and to care for it properly parents have to be cautious. Whether in giving them a bath, changing the diapers and even choosing the clothes. You will have to pay attention to every detail. However, we don’t need to obsess over it by simply having some precautions in the treatment, cleaning, and choice of materials the baby wears. You can do your part of taking care easily by following certain rules. Let’s review those main concepts of skin care for children.


Bathing the baby daily is not obligatory, although when they are stained with feces and stays with the wet or sweaty diaper, it is a good way to keep them clean and to avoid irritations. And doing so, the first thing we must take care of is the water temperature. It neither should be cold nor hot, but at the temperature of the body. It is common to touch the water with the elbow or the inside of the wrist to see the temperature. But it is better to use a bath thermometer to avoid errors.

For the newborn, a bath of five minutes, even less, is enough to prevent the skin from drying out or cooling down while bathing.

We can simply use water or add a little hypoallergenic special baby soap. At the time of drying it is best to remove the small wrapped in a cotton towel, clean, soft, new and washed without abrasive detergents or fabric softener. Also, you can just soak a sponge in water and clean the skin of your baby rather bathe them if you prefer.


If you baby wear diapers you should pay close attention to their use and choice. There are children who tolerate the usual diapers but others suffer allergies and irritations simply by contact with the chemicals they contain. In such cases, it is advisable to opt for disposable organic fiber diapers or cloth washable diapers.

Also, to avoid itching of the skin it is advisable to wrap diapers of their size and not to put them too tight. Plus, change them as soon as they waste them, even if it is a very absorbent diaper. Such attention will keep their skin free from irritation and the babies will feel comfortable.

Type of clothing

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In general terms, it is recommended for babies to wear comfortable clothes not very tight. This allows the movement and the free perspiration. If the child has a skin problem as in the case of atopic skin, special care must be taken in the composition of the fibers. Those that are made with natural fibers and the one made using cotton are recommended.

The cold, the wind and the sun

Going out for a walk with your baby is very beneficial for babies, and you should try it. Go for a walk with your baby only if the weather is suitable enough. But you need to prepare for the outings considering the most aggressive atmospheric elements in the mind.

The fact that the baby receives sunlight helps his body, giving him vitamin D, but you can not expose him to direct sun rays. Especially in summer and in general, to protect him from the heat. In winter you must protect the baby from wind and cold, which can also irritate the delicate skin of their face, so you must take the baby in a suitable baby carrier or use the hood of the stroller if it is very windy.

Surely, these tips will help you. If you’ve any other tip that you think should be here then share them with us.

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