6 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe in a High Chairs

High chair is the irresistible part of everyday life in the house of a baby. When your baby is able to sit, for his nurturing convenience, you must move to a high chair. After labor, baby’s body remains immature, he can’t do much, his bones are weak and body functions are underdeveloped.

You have to always keep him wrapped with your arms and complete all the other duties at the same time. Which is, by the nature of it, complex and pretty stressful. The high chair was actually created for lowering this agony of parenthood.

So, when your baby’s spine is strong enough to lean against an upright structure, you have to put him in a high chair.

However, though this chair is meant to reduce your hard work and add some comfort in the life, sometimes the opposite can happen as well. High chair is a creation, it’s not out of flaws. So, you can’t deny the possibilities of injuries.

But, on the other hand, this matter can’t be taken lightly since your little one’s life is involved here. That’s been said, no matter what, we’re not gonna ignore these possibilities. Here are six tips to prevent accidents and keep your child safe in a high chair.

Place It Carefully

First things first. The first thing you should focus on after bringing a high chair home is its placement. Plenty of high chair accidents occur only because of wrong placement. If the chair is standing on an uneven surface, it won’t be able to keep proper balance. The lack of balance results in a fall, consequently an accident. So, you must place it on a plain, even surface in order to maintain the balance.

Sometimes the legs are at fault. If a leg is broken or somehow shorter, it’ll unbalance the whole thing. In this case, repair the broken leg or place a folded piece of paper under the leg to give it a boost.

Assemble It Carefully

This is a crucial duty. When the high chair arrives, many people can’t understand the method of establishing it. Of course, the package includes a manual, but you have to admit, it’s not always easy to follow those written instructions. Sometimes it’s confusing and other times people just don’t do it with proper concentration. But you should take this task seriously.

When you’re assembling it, put your whole concentration on the work. Take help from people if you find the work difficult. But it has to be assembled perfectly. Sometimes the chair falls apart and accident happens just because it wasn’t assembled properly.

Fasten Baby Safely

When you put your four or five-months-old baby in the chair, they’re completely dependent on the chair’s back for sitting. So there are high possibilities of them losing balance after a while. They can fall on any side from the sitting position. And their continuous moving can lead them to tip over.

The danger isn’t less even when they can sit on their own. Because they manage to keep balance that time, but wiggling doesn’t stop. So they should be fastened to the seat with harness in order to prevent the fall.

The Tray Is a Helpful Barrier

When it’s a high chair, the food tray is going to be an obvious part of it. And the most amazing thing is, though this thing is meant for putting the food before the baby, but its responsibility doesn’t end here. What most people don’t realize is it’s also a great barricade. The baby is most supposedly to fall forward because it’s widespread. Since the tray is in the front of the chair, it blocks the baby from falling forward. So, never remove the tray when baby is sitting on the chair.

Don’t Ignore the Faults

Whenever you notice something suspicious, you mustn’t ignore it. The restraint system can be loose, the tray may not fit, the chair can tilt or there can be a crack on a certain part. These things may seem simple from the outside, but in reality, they pose grave threat for your child.

So whenever you detect a fault, you mustn’t waste a single second and come up with a solution. Because your one irresponsible act can be proved severe for the baby.

Look after Your Baby

The last but not the least, always keep an eye on your baby. Babies are little and they don’t understand phenomenon. They don’t know what danger awaits them and how to escape the hazards. They just do whatever their instincts tell them to do.

When a baby is in a high chair, the continuous sitting position makes him bored and he starts wiggling. The continuous movement is often responsible for the high chair injuries.

So, you must make sure that your baby isn’t shaking his body too much. Always pacify him to keep him calm and don’t leave him out of your sight.

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