The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Kids

Will the clothes will be enough? What if it needs some refreshment on the way? Or does it rain there? And what if he gets sick? All these questions and much more pops up on parents mind when they travel with their kids. That’s why we created this ultimate guide to traveling with kids so you know how to prepare yourself.

Ultimate guide to traveling with kids

Choosing destination

When choosing a destination it is very important to keep in mind who are traveling. A child and an adult conceive the holidays differently. A kid will seek to have continuous fun, while an adult visits a city with a more specific purpose as to know more about its culture or its history.

Therefore, it is advisable to look for a destination that offers diverse options so that no member of the family is dissatisfied. Planning activities a few days before leaving home help everyone to do what they want, although it is not too bad to leave some free days in which to improvise what to do during the day.


A valid tip for any trip you make, and any destination you choose, is to make a list of everything you have to take before you start preparing the bags. Especially if you have a child with you. Take a moment to think about things that will be necessary during the trip, not forgetting to write down even the most obvious things, such as the toothbrush which are the things that are most easily forgotten!

The clothes

There are things that you must always put in the suitcase, beyond the chosen destination or the time of year such as underwear, socks, pajamas, etc. In addition, you have to consider the weather and the age of the children before packing. The smaller they are the more they get dirty, and to know if you will have the possibility to wash the clothes if it is necessary. A tip is to dress the children “in layers”, to be able to remove or put clothing according to need. A cap to protect the head of the children from the sun is always recommended.

Personal hygiene items

Before loading the bags of shampoo, soaps, towels, etc., keep in mind where you will stay. For example, if you have chosen a hotel, you will be given clean towels every day, why stuff some on your bags then? If you travel with a baby, be aware that the soaps or shampoos they give in hotels can irritate the skin, so in this case, it is advisable to get the ones you use at home on them. Do not forget diapers, wet wipes, creams, etc. Also, even if you do not go to the beach or travel on a hot month, still take the sun cream for the kids.

The food

Children are always hungry! But unless you are in the middle of the Amazon, surely in your destination there will be supermarkets, shops, bars, etc, so it is not necessary to pack bags of foods. Just fix some snack for the trip and water. If you travel with babies you will have to be more cautious, make sure you have milk and potatoes for at least a couple of days, it may happen that arriving at your destination you will not immediately find a place that sells the brands that you always use.


When children are still not walking or are very small, the stroller or baby backpacks are a must. Which to choose? It depends on the destination. If you go on vacation to a city, the stroller may be the most comfortable option, but if instead you have chosen a destination in the wild and you will make many excursions through rugged places, the backpack will be much more practical.

Medications and first aid

There are some medicines and first aid items that you should always take: wound disinfectant, bandages, the medicine you always use for fever (consult your pediatrician), thermometer keeping in mind concerning the kids. You can not know if there will be a pharmacy nearby at a time of emergency.


You more than anyone else know your children, what are the games or toys that keep them entertained for long periods? They can be books, small toys, coloring books or digital games on tablets or smartphones. The longer the trip, the more necessary these entertainments.


If the trip is organized taking into account the needs of each other, there is no reason to worry about the possibility of having a bad trip, but quite the opposite. Vacations are for enjoying the time for both parents and children alike. And surely, these tips to travel with children have sorted all your needs as you now know how to plan everything.

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