The 5 Best 30 Inch Refrigerators for Small Kitchen in 2024

Can you envision your ideal daily life without a refrigerator in your kitchen?

The answer will be No, Right? 

We all prefer a handy, roomy, cozy, easy-to-use, impressive design, and enough space refrigerator at an affordable price. If you want all of these features in one refrigerator and are searching for a budget-friendly 30-inch wide refrigerator for your nuclear family, then you are in the right place. 

Why should you choose a 30-inch Refrigerator?

A refrigerator’s capacity is measured in Cu.Ft (Cubic Feet), which is a measurement of the amount of food stored inside the fridge and freezer. It displays how much food may be kept in the refrigerator for a long time. A conventional refrigerator ranges in size from 24 to 36 inches wide. However, if you run a refrigerator in a large restaurant, hospital, or household, you’ll need a refrigerator that’s bigger than 36 inches.

A 30-inch refrigerator is ideal for a family of four to five people. A refrigerator of this size can easily fit into a tiny kitchen. You don’t have to be concerned about storage, long-term warranty, design, or functionality. They are ideal for a family with children in primary school.

So, if you’re looking to replace your old refrigerator, you can surely choose a refrigerator.

We have reviewed almost 100 customers’ user experiences, then we come up with the best 30-inch refrigerators for you.

The Best 30 inches refrigerators in 2024 for your small apartment:

  1. LG 30-inch French Door Refrigerator 
  2. Frigidaire FFTR2021TB 30-inch Freestanding top Freezer Refrigerator
  3. GE 20.8 Cu.Ft French Door Refrigerator
  4. Whirlpool  30-inch Wide French Door Refrigerator 
  5. Kenmore 30-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

1. LG 21.8 Cu.Ft. 3-French Door Refrigerator

LG 21.8 Cu.Ft. 3-French Door Refrigerator  


Capacity21.8 Cu.Ft
Refrigerator14.5 Cu.Ft
Freezer7.3 Cu.Ft
ENERGY STAR® QualifiedYes
Smart Cooling Plus™ SystemYes
Temperature ControlsElectronic or Digital
Refrigerator LightCeiling LED
No of shelves4 Split with Tempered Glass protector
Crisper Bins2 Humidity crisper
Door bin at refrigerator6
Freezer drawers’ typePull Drawer with 2 tier-organization
Contour DoorsYes
Surface FinishingSmooth
Hidden HingeYes
Color availabilitySmudge-resistant in black, white, and stainless steel
Parts and Labor Warranty1 Year
Compressor’s warranty10 Years


  • contains a smart cooling system    
  • metallic color gives an extra shiny look
  • excellent space saver
  • High-efficiency compressor
  • LED light gives thermal heat, wonderful radiance, and instant enlighting your appearance 
  • Total 8 shelves/bins (6 Gallon Sized, 2 Small) that are more convenient for your regular uses
  • Amazing Stainless steel finishing and metallic color ensure its sustainability.
  • the auto-closing door hinge is available
  • has 12.0 Ibs ice storage capacity
  • can produce 2.8 Ibs/3.1 Ibs ice daily

Price:  $2099.99 

Observation of Purchasers who use this product:

We have researched its user preference among our customers. It has proven that it is a great refrigerator for your little apartment and it is easy to pass almost 10 years without any issues as it offers a 6-10 years warranty on the compressor.  Most of the customers are happy because of its admirable space-saving feature.

Before buying this product, things you should consider:

This refrigerator bears a little bit of loud noise, this might be a  disturbance factor for you. If you belong to a giant family, then this can’t be your right choice, this is only suitable for the nuclear family.

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2. Frigidaire FFTR2021TB 30-inch Freestanding top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFTR2021TB 30-inch Freestanding top Freezer Refrigerator


TypeFreestanding Top Freezer
Product StandardCSA Certified
Freezer capacity5.1 Cu.Ft
Refrigerator capacity15.3 Cu.Ft
Ice maker Optional
Shelves No2
Reversible DoorYes
Deli drawer and Dairy Bin Yes
Humidity-Controlled Crispers2
Defrost systemAutomatic
Door bins4
Water dispenserno
water filtrationno
Fingerprint Resistantno
available colorBlack, white, stainless steel, black stainless steel


  • This CSA-certified refrigerator ensures a safe, reliable, and long-lasting kitchen appliance.
  •  Its super clear dairy bin provides a fresh and cozy look to your refrigerator.
  • It’s a freestanding model and the back wheel allows you to set this anywhere in your kitchen as you prefer. 
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers will keep your vegetables fresh for a long duration.
  • Gallon shelves ensure the storage of big beverage bottles.
  • If you are left-handed then you can reverse your door for ease of use. 

Price: $ 739

Observation of Purchasers who use this:

We reviewed our customer’s user preferences, and it is seen that a thoroughly maintained refrigerator can last around 10-14 years. Its spacious interior is also a great extension  As this can be got at an affordable price so grab your appliance with elegant-looking smart features.

Before buying this product, things you should consider:

It has no ice maker feature and has a few issues with controlling temperature and noise.

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3. GE 20.8 Cu.Ft French Door Refrigerator

GE 20.8 Cu.Ft French Door Refrigerator


Brand GE
Door French Door
Refrigerator Capacity14.76 Cu.Ft
Freezer Capacity6.04 Cu. Ft
CertificationENERGY STAR® Qualified
Door AlarmYes
LED LightingYes
ColourStainless Steel
Freezer locationBottom
Water Filtration Upper right corner
Ice makerFactory Installed
Door gasketsFreely Disposable
Warranty1 year
Water dispenserNo
Defrost systemFrost Guard


  • This refrigerator comes up with an astonishing stainless steel color that can give a shiny look for instance.
  • The door alarm ensures the ghost of a chance remains when your door opens without any necessary.
  • Multiflow air system assures the best diligent cooling of food, holding the freshness, flavor, and exact nutrients of every food item. 
  • Three total glass shelves in the fresh food cabinet, two of which are adjustable and two of which are full-width, are large enough.
  • Door bins, fresh food cabinet drawers, and freezer storage baskets confirm the best storage facility at a lower price.
  • Factory-installed ice maker allows you to get sufficient ice cubes automatically.
  • Advanced water filtration provides you with a glass of water with 100% purity. 

Observation of Purchasers who use this:

Almost 100 consumers claim that it is an incredible refrigerator for its awesome interior space and outer appearance. It can easily fit in your small kitchen as well. Foods and vegetables remain fresh for a long period so you don’t worry about the freshness of your favorite food item.  

 Before buying this product, things you should consider: 

It has no water dispenser and excessive condensation with loud sound sometimes gives some troubles. The freezer compartment is a little bit small for a big family.

Price: $1,726.80

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4. Whirlpool  30-inch Wide French Door Refrigerator – 20 cu. Ft.

Whirlpool  30-inch Wide French Door Refrigerator - 20 cu. Ft.


Brand Whirlpool
CertificationEnergy Star Qualified
ColorStainless Steel
Door type French Door
Fingerprint ResistantYes
Freezer Capacity6.34 Cu.Ft
Counter DepthNo
Water Filtration Location Interior Part
LED Lighting Yes
Freezer Type 2-tier ,no shelves
Ice Maker Yes(Factory Installed)
Door AlarmYes
Defrost systemYes(Automatic)
Water DispenserNo


  • This refrigerator has an effective foam insulation configuration that confirms the less consuming energy and quick capacity of cooling food. 
  • It has 3 contoured french metal doors and a hidden hinge system.
  • An automatic defrost system minimizes your maintenance cost and cleaning troubles. 
  •  Its exterior dispenser takes up a little space in your fridge rather than the interior dispenser.
  • A water filter is available on the interior part and you can easily reset the filtration
  • a 2-tier freezer, larder drawer, and 3 interior shelves secure a great space for your everyday meal. 
  • The factory-installed icemaker process gives an extra benefit to save your time and not rush out for making your soda more cooled.
  •  This refrigerator is energy-star qualified, enabling the compressor to work with high efficiency and utilize less energy. 
  • The most satisfying thing is this refrigerator has almost 99.9% less global warming possibilities, which means it is completely safe for our environment.

Observation of Purchasers who use this:

Customers are amazed by its shelves and drawer space on doors because it provides extra storage capacity where they can keep their big gallons, additional vegetables, and food items effortlessly. They also found the best-organized freezer. As this refrigerator is fingerprint resistant and smudge-free so customers’ found it so simple and easy to clean.

Before buying this product, things you should consider

Sometimes you might face a cooling tendency of food because of dirty motors and long time use of this refrigerator. Apart from this, the refrigerator is a little bit noisy too.

Price: $1999

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5. Kenmore 30-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Kenmore 30-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker


Freezer Capacity‎5.07 Cu.Ft
Freezer LocationTop
Freezer shelves5
Counter DepthNo
Reversible doorYes
Refrigerator Lighting LED
Refrigerator StyleFreestanding 
Ice MakerPre installed
Defrost SystemYes(Automatically)
Dairy binPresent
Crisper DrawersPresent
Temperature Control SystemUp-Front
Energy star qualifiedYes


  • This refrigerator comes with a top freezer, freestanding, great space compartment, smooth finishing cabinet, and adjustable flat doors.
  • It also makes sure the automatic defrost control from the interior relieves us from cleaning the refrigerator repeatedly.
  • When you are worried about handling the temperature of the refrigerator then this refrigerator gives you an amazing LED light that is shatterproof too.
  •  Its plastic pocket handles add an exceptionally cozy look. 
  • Glass shelves design permits you an easy and quick cleaning process.
  • It has one settled full-width glass shelf at the freezer, dairy bin, and gallon door storage bin with blow-up storage capacity.
  • Evenly rolling and crisper drawers surely play a vital role

Observation of Purchasers who use this:

Most of the customers acknowledged that it runs very quiet and is energy efficient plus roomy. They are also satisfied with the durability of glass shelves and outspread freezer compartments.

Before buying this product, things you should consider: 

Ice maker isn’t so improved, sometimes it leaks.

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How to choose the best 30-inch refrigerator for you?

when you are thinking about upgrading your old fridge and you have only 4-5 members in your family. Then You can choose a 30-inch wide refrigerator undoubtedly. There are a lot of Refrigerators brands, styles, and different specifications. But Which Refrigerator will be perfectly suitable for you?

Let’s talk about that and find your perfect kitchen appliance with us.

The Buying guideline to choose the best Refrigerator:

  1.  Kitchen Size: First of all, You have to think about where you are going to place your Refrigerator. If you live in a small apartment and your kitchen is running out of space, then a 30-inch wide refrigerator is completely a wonderful appliance for your kitchen because of its size.
  1. Refrigerator features: When you are thinking of changing your old fridge then you have to think twice about which features were lacking before and what features you need in your new fridge. You can improve your old one by buying an advanced featured Refrigerator considering these features, Such as-
  • Water Filtration
  • Water Dispenser
  • Automatic Defrost System
  • Humidity-Control Crispers drawers
  • Factory Installed Ice maker
  • Door Alarm
  • Led Light
  • Freestanding installation
  • Fingerprint Resistant
  • Glass shelves with long durability
  • Interior Design
  • CSA or Energy Star Qualified certification
  1. Storage and Capacity:  Before buying a refrigerator, storage and Capacity are always a big factor because inadequate space gives you a lot of inconveniences while keeping and organizing your food thoroughly. If you need a big freezer then choose wisely the freezer capacity and shelves that have enough space or compartment so that you can keep your festival food items spontaneously. Again, If you have to buy a heap of vegetables everyday then choose the refrigerator compartment bigger than your old refrigerator. In fact, think about the highest necessity in your family.
  1. Refrigerator style and Configuration: Nowadays there exists immense style and configuration in a refrigerator. They also have different purposes behind different styles to organize your food as your choice. Interior design and door style are great measurements for choosing the right refrigerator for your family.

The Top Freezer Refrigerator: 

The freezer compartment remains the top portion of the fridge, this is a good choice to manage the extra food storage. It is also seen that top freezer has less energy consumption rate than Bottom Freezer. But if you have children in your family then they won’t be able to open the refrigerator without any steps.

The Top Freezer Refrigerator
The Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Bottom Freezer Refrigerator:  

This is immensely a popular choice at present because of its fancy design, shelves, and slide drawers that can meet up with enough food storage with the wonderful organization of your food items. You can also reach your freezer at a comfortable height. But you need to bend to access the freezer compartment as it is a bottom Freezer.

The Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
The Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The French door Refrigerator:

The French door Refrigerator comes with a bottom Freezer so you can find your regular veggies, fruits, and beverages at your eye level. This refrigerator gives an extra benefit of placing the food items properly as there are plenty of drawers and compartments at doors. This is more energy efficient also.

The French door Refrigerator
The French door Refrigerator

The Side-by-Side Refrigerator:

This is more convenient because you don’t need to bend down to take your daily food items. It has less energy saving tendency than a french door refrigerator. The side-by-side refrigerator offers more shelves and compartments.

The Side-by-Side Refrigerator
The Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Built-In Refrigerator:

This refrigerator is installed into cabinetry in your kitchen interior design. This looks more fancy and standard than a freestanding refrigerator. As this refrigerator is a permanent setting in your kitchen so think twice about your kitchen space and layout.

Built-In Refrigerator

Freestanding refrigerator:

This is a common type of refrigerator that can be set anywhere in your kitchen against a wall. This is usually less expensive than Built-In Refrigerator.

Freestanding refrigerator
Freestanding refrigerator

5. Refrigerator Colour and outer appearance: When you are worried about the color and appearance of your fridge then look at your kitchen interior design and the color that suits the best set-up. Next, choose the appearance you prefer like a Stainless steel smooth or textured finishing look. 

6. Review of purchasers: The most important thing before buying a product is to read the reviews of purchasers and the product that you wish to buy. This can help you to decide the best choice for you. Read the positive and negative reviews both besides checking the durability of your cherished Refrigerators.  

Advantages of 30 inches Refrigerator:

  • A 30-inch refrigerator is perfectly compatible with a small kitchen. It is a standard size for a nuclear family.
  • These refrigerators can be bought at an affordable price.
  • They come up with astonishing colors, specifications, features, and configurations that cover the all preferences of a consumer.
  • 30-inch refrigerators are also available with built-in features that can change your kitchen interior design into marvelous looking within a sec.
  • The freezer compartment has enough drawers, shelves, and a gallon-sized compartment, so you don’t need to worry about space.
  • You will get better organization facilities, less waste of your food items and more energy saving tendency. 
  • Most of the brands provide a long warranty so you can easily fix any problem without any displeasure.

Disadvantages of 30 inches Refrigerator:

  • This is not suitable for a large family.
  • Some refrigerators’ freezer compartments aren’t spacious enough for extra food items.
  • Almost 80% of refrigerators haven’t energy star qualified or CSA certification.
  • These refrigerators are a little bit noisy too. 
  • The not cooling tendency is also found sometimes.

Our Recommendation For You:

30-inch refrigerators are widely familiar for their reasonable price with amazing features. Here we have discussed the best 30-inch refrigerator for a small apartment. In that article, we have enlisted the top 5 refrigerators according to their features and user experiences. If you wanna choose the best among them then our recommendation will be to buy the GE 20.8 Cu.Ft French Door Refrigerator. Hope this will be the best companion for your everyday life.

Bottom line:

So, These are the best 30-inch Refrigerators with remarkable qualities. Choose your favorite one at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about 30 inches Refrigerator:

Q. Which 30-inch Refrigerator will be more affordable?

A.  30 inches AMANA® Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Glass   Shelves will be the most affordable. It starts at only $949. 

Q. Which is the most reliable brand for a 30 inches Refrigerator?

A. GE Appliances are extremely good for their specifications and features, their products are also energy qualified that save energy bills, and protect the environment.

Q. What is the difference between Top Freezer and Bottom Freezer?

A. Freezer Compartment remains at your eye level at Top Freezer and you don’t need to bend down to take your food out. On the other hand, the bottom freezer is located at the bottom portion of your refrigerator. You have to bend down to take or put your food items. This is usually engineered with a French Door refrigerator.

Q. How long does a 30-inch Refrigerator last?

A. A properly maintained refrigerator usually can last almost 10- 15 years.

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