7 Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners at Your Budget

Are you looking for the best ventless portable air conditioner? If you are wary of spending sleepless nights owing to the uncomfortable temperature in your home, a ventless air conditioner can be the solution.

But, when you decide to purchase a ventless portable air conditioner, you may face some questions. In today’s market, what is the best ventless portable air conditioner without a hose? What is the best portable air conditioner with a low-profile vent that takes up almost no window space?

You will get all of your answers in this article!!!

I would like to highlight the best ventless air conditioners available on the market. Though buying one can be difficult, which is why I have included a buyer’s guide to assist you in making the best choice.

In this article, you will get a comprehensive analysis of the 7 best ventless portable air conditioners with features, specifications, pros, and cons. So, let’s deep dive into the central part of this article.  

The 7 Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners with Features, Specifications, Pros & Cons

Here, you will get a comprehensive guide on the 7 best ventless portable air conditioners with features, specifications, pros, and cons. Let’s explore. 

Product Best For Price Details 
Whynter ARC-14S Portable Air ConditionerBest for Overall Performance & Purposes BUY NOW
SereneLife SLACHT128 Portable Air ConditionerBest for Save Space & Money BUY NOW
Midea 10,000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerBest for Smart Features BUY NOW
BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerBest for Small RoomBUY NOW 
DeLonghi 14,000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerBest for Cooling Capacity BUY NOW
COSTWAY 8000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerMost Eco-Friendly Solution BUY NOW 
Honeywell MO08CESWK6 Portable Air ConditionerBest for Medium SpaceBUY NOW

1. Whynter ARC-14S Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S Portable Air Conditioner
Whynter ARC-14S Portable Air Conditioner

If your demand is to purchase an economical, multi-purpose, and portable air conditioner, you can try Whynter ARC-14S portable air conditioner. Whynter is becoming more environmentally friendly.

Moreover, you may stay cool while adhering to better environmental standards and reducing energy consumption with this new Eco-friendly CFC-free, lead-free, and high-energy efficiency portable air conditioner.

The ECO-FRIENDLY CFC-FREE GREEN R-32 refrigerant and RoHS-compliant components are used in the Whynter GREEN ARC-14S portable air conditioner. When not in use, the protective cover with a pocket will protect your portable air conditioner while also storing your exhaust hose, window kit, remote control, and user manual. 

While the device is in storage, this protective cover will keep dust and grime off of it. The air conditioner should be set up on a flat, hard surface that can sustain its weight. For portability, the unit is equipped with caster wheels. Only smooth, level surfaces should be rolled on. When rolling over carpeted surfaces, be cautious as well as do not try to roll the unit over anything.


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: Whynter
  • Model Name: ARC-14S 14,000
  • Special Feature: Portable, Dehumidifier
  • Color: Platinum and Black
  • Air Flow Efficiency: 253 Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Watt
  • Item Weight: 73 Pounds
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 19 x 35.5 inches
  • Energy Star: No Energy Star
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Warranty Description: One-year warranty on the unit. Three-year warranty on compressor.
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Included Components: Portable Air Conditioner, Remote Control, 2 Exhaust/Intake Hose, Window Installation Kit, Air Filter, washable pre-filter, and Storage Cover Bag. 

Key Features

  • Cooling capacity: 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,500 BTU (SACC). 
  • Intake / Exhaust hoses: The hose(s) and/or connector(s) described below may be required depending on the version of the portable air conditioner you have. Before acquiring extra accessories, be sure to measure your existing hose(s). Please keep in mind that extending the exhaust hose(s) beyond 9 feet is not recommended.
  • Dual hose action; cools up to 500 square feet (optimum performance may be affected by environmental temperature and humidity); 71 pints per day dehumidification capacity; 430 m3/h / 253 CFM at peak speed; three fan speeds
  • Three operational modes: Air conditioner, dehumidifier, or fan; 14000 BTU (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 9500 BTU (DOE+ 2017 Standard) cooling capacity 1300 W / 11.6 A is the maximum power consumption. Moreover, the noise level is less than 56
  • Integrated with eco-friendly CFC-free Green R-32 refrigerant, the exhaust hose can be extended up to 60 inches. Dimensions of window kit: 6.5′′ W x 20′′ L (minimum), 46′′ (maximum); Dimensions of the unit: 19′′ W x 16′′ D x 35.5′′ H. 
  • Noise reflected off hard surfaces like a floor or a wall can make noises appear louder than they are.
  • Design & Performance: 24-hour programmable timer, full thermostatic control (61°F – 89°F), remote, auto drain function that immediately drains all condensation, CFC-free GREEN R-410A refrigerant, and lead-free RoHS compliance components


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fastest cooling 
  • Eco-friendly system 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Improve air quality 
  • Hassle-free operation    


  • Little bit expensive
  • Noisy 
  • Heavy model 


2. SereneLife SLACHT128 Portable Air Conditioner

SereneLife SLACHT128 Portable Air Conditioner
SereneLife SLACHT128 Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a combo where will you get an air conditioner, heater, and dehumidifier? In this regard, you can purchase SereneLife SLACHT128 Portable Air Conditioner to get these 3 in a single one. 

Serene Life’s 12,000 BTU air conditioner and heater provide comfort throughout the year. This portable air conditioner features a heater and dehumidifier with temperature control, multiple fan speeds, and even a window mounting kit for added convenience. 

Moreover, this portable fan features a cooling and heating capacity of 12,000 BTUs, as well as temperature control functions for customizable comfort. For the hot summer months, the dehumidifier function pumps up to 3.8 quarts of water per hour, with three fan speeds and movable vents to enhance circulation. 

Also, you can use the remote control for added convenience, and the connected wheels make moving this room heater a breeze. This portable fan comes with a window mount exhaust kit to conserve space.

Most significantly, this portable heater cools and heats rooms up to 325 square feet while saving you money thanks to its low noise level and energy efficiency. This Serene Life 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner and Heater provides everything you need to stay cool and toasty, including several functions, customizable controls, and a convenient window kit option.


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: SereneLife
  • Model Name: Portable Air Conditioner
  • Unique Features: Heating and Cooling Function, Remote control
  • Color: White
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.4 x 13.4 x 32.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 70.3 Pounds
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Self Timer Duration: 24 Hours
  • Voltage: 120 Volts (AC)
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Warranty Hassle-free
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Included Components: Exhaust Hose, REMOTE

Key Features

  • HANDY AND PORTABLE: The Serene Life Portable Air Conditioner System is a sleek, lightweight body that may be utilized in the bedroom, living room or garage at home or at work. It has rolling wheels for easier transport.
  • BUILT-IN DEHUMIDIFIER: The portable AC not only cools you down but also helps to lower humidity levels, saving you money and space!
  • 4 MODES OF WORKING: The simple electric plug-in operation of the tiny floor AC indoor cooler conditioning device offers four modes: cooling, heating, dehumidifier, and fan. For maximum air circulation, it also has an automatic swing mode with a moving wind vent.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: The power, mode, timer, temperature, and fan speed settings are all controlled via a digital touch button control panel. The accompanying remote control can be used to modify other settings such as the unit selection (°C/°F) and the sleep key.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY TIME OF YEAR: This is the greatest solution for saving space and money, with 12, 000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 7,000 BTU (SACC) cooling power and 12, 000 BTU heating power. The chilly air may fill up to 450 square feet. The airflow is rated at 380 m3/hr, the moisture removal/dehumidifier is rated at 1. 8 liters/hr, and the working noise level is only 56-59 dBa.


  • Easy to install 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Remote controlling system
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Temperature controlling system 


  • Limited cooling space 
  • High noise level 
  • Need to deal with water 


3. Midea 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Midea 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Midea 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Because of its self-contained dual-hose system and powerful inverter compressor, the Midea 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is better at dialing in a precise comfort level while being quieter and more effective than other machines.

Midea’s hose-in-hose design allows the unit to take in and exhaust air from outside, forming a balanced air circulation inside and successfully preventing hot air from seeping in via gaps around doors and windows.

Moreover, the black Midea 10,000 BTU (13,500 BTU ASHRAE) 115V Smart Portable Air Conditioner with Heat & ComfortSense Remote features WiFI, allowing you to control your portable air conditioner from anywhere in the house or when you’re not at home.

Also, the black Midea 10,000 BTU (13,500 BTU ASHRAE) 115V Smart Portable Air Conditioner with Heat & ComfortSense Remote can answer voice instructions from a virtual assistant device such as Google Assistant or Alexa-equipped devices, making the interaction process smooth. 

So, the air conditioner’s durable four-wheel design allows you to move it from room to room with ease, and the quick and simple installation will have you comfy in no time.


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: Midea
  • Model Name: 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Warranty Type: Limited
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER): 6.43
  • Color: White
  • Air Flow Efficiency: 241.18 Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Watt
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.1 x 13 x 28.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 67.9 Pounds
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Warranty Description: One Limited Year Warranty from the original purchase date
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Included Components: NO

Key Features

  • SMART COOL – The Midea Portable Air Conditioner, with an ASHRAE rating of 10,000 BTU (5800 BTU 2017 SACC standard), provides quick, efficient cooling for a variety of settings. In any home, bedroom, office, or cabin, delivering fan and dehumidification functions while simultaneously producing a peaceful and comfortable environment.
  • WI-FI & VOICE CONTROL – Use our smartphone app to control your portable air conditioner from anywhere. Set a timetable, change modes, and more. When you pair your air conditioner with Alexa or Google Assistant, it will listen to voice instructions and keep your home cool and pleasant.
  • EASY TO USE: Take advantage of the convenience and simplicity of digital controls. The portable AC contains a compact remote control (batteries included) that allows you to effortlessly set the time, temperature, and mode from across the room. Its 24-hour customizable timer can cool a room to a temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and has three modes to choose from: cooling, dehumidification, and fan only.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – The installation instructions are simple and straightforward. Simply roll your air conditioner to the desired cooling area, connect the 5ft hose and adjustable window brackets (fits openings ranging from 26.5″ to 48″), turn the unit on, and relax. An exhaust hose and window kit are supplied, and assembly requires no additional tools. 
  • WASHABLE AIR FILTER – We built a removable and reusable air filter to safeguard your family and living environment from dust and pet hairs while providing clean cool air. To extend the life and effectiveness of this unit, we recommend cleaning the filter every week of operation.
  • INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: Midea Duo uses variable-speed inverter technology to cool more efficiently while using less electricity than standard portable units. When compared to the federal norm in the United States, it saves almost 40% of energy.
  • 42DB ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION: Maximum cooling while minimizing noise When cooling, the sound level of the Midea Duo is as low as 42dB. That sounds nearly like a library.
  • SIMPLE & SPACE-SAVING INSTALLATION: The clever built-in hose design simplifies installation and allows for easy storage: no more misplaced accessories. In addition, the vertical pull-out approach uses less room.
  • 26 FEET FURTHER AIRFLOW DISTANCE: Midea Duo blows cool air up to 26 feet distant, reaching every part of your home, thanks to a sophisticated air duct system that amplifies the airflow for high-velocity, long-range air projection.
  • Electronic controls and a ComfortSense remote control are standard on the black Midea 10,000 BTU (13,500 BTU ASHRAE) 115V Smart Portable Air Conditioner with Heat.
  • Integrated with a 115V Smart Portable Air Conditioner with Heat & ComfortSense Remote cools a room up to 450 square feet in black.  


  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy installation 
  • Smart controlling 
  • Convenient mobility 
  • Remote controlling system  


  • Lack of energy efficiency 
  • High noise level 
  • Difficult to move from one place to another. 


4. BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Want to purchase a portable air conditioner for a small room? In this regard, BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner will be the best choice for you. 

In the hot summer months, having an air conditioner in your room will keep you cool, comfortable, and relaxed. However, if your room is small, a wall-mounted air conditioner may not be essential. 

Moreover, this portable air conditioner is ideal for keeping your room cool without the need to permanently install a huge air conditioner. Simply roll it into the room, connect the hose and window adaptor to a double-hung or sliding window, and turn it on.

With this multifunctional BLACK+DECKER unit, you may enjoy a comfortable home temperature. To withstand the summer heat, it cools, dehumidifies, and circulates air. This Portable Air Conditioner features easy-to-use LED electronic controls and is quiet while you sleep, providing immediate, uninterrupted comfort. 

So, this device has rolling casters and side-carrying handles for convenient mobility and includes everything needed for a quick installation. 


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Model Name: Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control
  • Special Feature: Remote_control
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.5 x 11.5 x 26 inches
  • Warranty Type: Limited
  • Color: White
  • Item Weight: 52.9 Pounds
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Core Material: Environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Warranty Description: 1 year limited.
  • Batteries Required? No

Included Components Installation Kit: Air exhaust hose, hose inlet/outlet adapters, window casement, water drain hose, and owner’s manual Full function remote control. 

Key Features

  • QUIET AND POWERFUL: Our 16.5 x 11.5 x 26 in. 4,000 BTU (8,000 BTU ASHRAE) compact air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable all summer. At the coolest setting, an adjustable fan speed cools the air to 65°F. While you sleep, sleep mode makes it extra silent.
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL ROOMS: This floor-standing portable air conditioner delivers consistent, quick, and efficient cooling for rooms up to 150 square feet. It’s perfect for dorms, flats, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, and living areas.
  • SIMPLE & QUICK TO INSTALL: Simply roll this portable air conditioner into any room with a double-hung or sliding window. Plugin the provided hose (4′ 11″) and window adapter to an outlet. Control panel with LED display on top. At the end of the season, just detach and store.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: You can precisely manage the air temperature with the simple remote control and top-mounted LED display with a 24-hour timer. Simply slide the filter out twice a month, rinse it completely under running water, and replace it.
  • 3-in-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Combines three energy-efficient features for all of your cooling and ventilation needs in one machine, including cool, fan, and dehumidifying modes. Your living environment will be cool, clean, and dry thanks to the bucket-less, self-evaporating operation.
  • Cools a room measuring 15′ x 20′


  • Remote controlling system 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to install 
  • Cools while saving energy 
  • Ambient working temperature


  • Noisy 
  • Poor cooling capacity 
  • Lowest temperature controlling  


5. DeLonghi 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

DeLonghi 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
DeLonghi 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

If you want a compact 4-in-1 solution like cool, dehumidify, circulate air (fan), and heat, you can purchase DeLonghi 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

The DeLonghi Pinguino 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner with a heat pump provides all-season comfort control. You can use it all year with distinct cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and fan functions. For dripless, bucketless operation, the patented Condensate Recirculation mechanism recycles the condensation within the machine.

Moreover, the new De’Longhi PACEX390LVYN pushes the efficiency limits, making it smarter, quieter, and more customizable than ever before while maintaining the De’Longhi quality standards. 

Cool Surround Smart Sensing technology on the PACEX390 simplifies your comfort by monitoring the area around you and automatically adjusting settings using Bluetooth. However, the temperature is only one issue to consider when it comes to comfort. De’Longhi’s new Eco Real Feel function measures temperature and humidity to cool your home.

So, this ventless portable air conditioner allows you to operate the air conditioner from across the room and stores conveniently on top of the unit through a remote. 


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Model Name: PACEX390LVYN
  • Special Feature: Portable, Dehumidifier
  • Warranty Type: 2 Years
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 18.3 x 34.3 x 20.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 83 Pounds
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Energy Star: NO
  • Warranty Description: 2 Years
  • Batteries Required? Yes
  • Included Components: Portable Air Conditioner

Key Features

  • SPECS: The hose length is 51 inches, and the diameter is 5 inches.
  • Extremely QUIET: Keep your calm and ignore it. This device produces a forceful jet of cold air with only a whisper thanks to noise reduction of up to 4 dbA.
  • POWERFUL COOLING: This powerful machine can cool a room up to 700 square feet in an even and efficient manner.
  • ECO REAL FEEL: This innovative feature saves up to 30% on energy consumption by automatically adjusting the temperature for the most comfortable cool based on humidity conditions.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: This portable air conditioner may save up to 30% on electricity thanks to features like Eco Real Feel.
  • TRUSTWORTHY QUALITY: Our goods at De’Longhi are not just innovative and efficient, but they’re also tried, tested, and made to last.
  • UNIQUE COMFORT: De’Longhi is the only room air conditioner that takes into account the temperature and humidity in your room, cooling and drying to match the level of comfort you desire.
  • COOL SURROUND TECHNOLOGY: Cool New Surround The Smart Sensing feature keeps track of temperature, humidity, and your position in the room, automatically adapting to keep you comfortable.
  • Wattage: 1345 Watts of power
  • Voltage: 115 volts voltage


  • Easy to use
  • Remote controlling system 
  • Easy to install 
  • Multifunction of max comfort
  • Dust filtration system


  • Quite expensive 
  • The exhaust hose is too short
  • Sometimes technical issues may arise
  • Limited cooling space  


6. COSTWAY 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

COSTWAY 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
COSTWAY 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for an eco-friendly ventless portable air conditioner that will conserve energy? If so, you can buy COSTWAY 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. 

This air cooler features three settings that can cool, dehumidify, and circulate air to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat. There are two different speed fan modes for you to choose from: low and high. 

Moreover, its programmable cooling setting has a 24-hour programmable timer that you can use to help save energy by automatically turning the unit on and off. So you need not worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Also, this air conditioner has a water-full control and warning system to keep your carpet or floor from getting wet. Its slim, ultra-compact design is ideal for small spaces. Flexible casters and built-in handles make storing and moving a breeze.

This air cooler is great for homes, bedrooms, workplaces, libraries, and other areas with a fashionable appearance and practical use. So, you can clean the washable filter on a regular basis to ensure that your machine runs smoothly and helps to prevent air quality problems.


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: COSTWAY
  • Special Feature: Portable, Compact
  • Color: White and Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12 x 13 x 30 inches
  • Item Weight: 49 Pounds
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Refrigerant: R-410A
  • Self Timer Duration: 24 Hours
  • Floor Area: 161 Square Feet

Key Features

  • Multiple Function Modes and Two Fan Speeds: In the fan mode, you have the option of choosing between high and low fan speeds. To satisfy the needs of customers, this portable air conditioner has cooling, dehumidifying, fanning, and sleeping modes. 
  • Temperature Setting Range and Units: Like other air conditioners, this portable air conditioner has temperature settings that range from 60°F to 86°F. The temperature display data can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit; the default is Celsius, but you can select whatever unit you like.
  • Intelligent 24hr Timer and Large Coverage Area: The air conditioner unit has a 24-hour programmable timer that allows it to shut down automatically once the usage time has passed. The 8000 BTU/H air conditioner provides quick, efficient cooling for rooms up to 230 square feet in the house, office, cabin, or camper.
  • Water-Full Indication and Temperature Sensor: Since this air conditioner has a temperature sensor that detects temperature changes, it will turn off and maintain the present temperature to save energy. This air conditioner has a water-full control and warning system to keep your carpet or floor from getting wet.
  • Four Easy Moving Casters and Remote Control: Four all-direction casters and remote control are located at the bottom of the air conditioner, allowing it to roll freely from room to room. It’s worth noting that the air conditioner has a stylish modern style that everyone appreciates, as well as a convenient remote control. 


  • Fastest cooling 
  • Remote controlling system 
  • LED digital display 
  • Quiet operation mode 
  • Washable dust filtration   


  • Temperature controlling issues
  • Noisy 
  • Cooling issues  


7. Honeywell MO08CESWK6 Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MO08CESWK6 Portable Air Conditioner
Honeywell MO08CESWK6 Portable Air Conditioner

Want to purchase a portable air conditioner for medium outdoor spaces or large indoor rooms? In this regard, you can try Honeywell MO08CESWK6 Portable Air Conditioner. 

The Honeywell MO series lightweight portable air conditioner keeps you cool and dry. With AC cooling, a multi-speed fan, and a dehumidifier, this 3-in-1 machine covers all bases for indoor settings between 250 and 350 square feet. 

Moreover, Honeywell’s MO series is designed for portability and will save you money on energy bills by cooling only the areas you use rather than the entire house. This small air conditioner is one of the lightest in its class, with smooth-gliding wheels that make moving it from room to room a breeze.

To get it up and running quickly, it also comes with a flexible exhaust line and a window-venting panel. Simply roll the air conditioner into a storage room at the end of the season until the next time you need it.


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Model Name: MO Series Compact 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control for a Room up to 250 Sq. Ft. (White/Black)MO Series Compact 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control for a Room up to 250 Sq. Ft. (White/Black) 
  • Special Feature: Portable, Dehumidifier, Dust Filter, Compact
  • Warranty Type: Limited
  • Color: White/Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.5 x 14.6 x 27.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 43 Pounds
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Self Timer Duration: 24 Hours
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Volume: 3.16 Cubic Feet
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Warranty Description: 1 year limited.
  • Batteries Required? Yes
  • Included Components: Air conditioner, remote control, flexible exhaust hose, window venting kit, manual. 

Key Features

  • Air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier in one
  • Ideal for spot cooling in rooms ranging from 250 to 350 square feet. Temperatures range from 61 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The built-in dehumidifier can remove up to 44 pints of moisture per 24 hours and has a continuous drain option for unattended dehumidification.
  • The washable dust filter reduces dust and has a handy filter clean indication for easy maintenance.
  • Included with Window Installation Kit, 3-in-1 Portable AC Unit, Remote Control with Batteries
  • More Breathable Space: The Washable Dual Filtration System prevents dust, pet dander, and hair from entering the unit, extending its life and adding value while also helping to minimize air pollution. The filters are washable and can be cleaned under the faucet; there are no replacement filters necessary, and a Filter Clean Alert will remind you when it’s time to clean the filter.
  • Save time and effort by using a light portable air conditioner: The MO08CES/ MO10CES Compact Series is one of the lightest in its class, weighing only 45/49 lbs, and transferring it from room to room is a breeze thanks to smooth-gliding wheels.
  • Save money by conserving energy: Set up a Honeywell Portable AC in rooms that you actually use to reduce the energy consumption of whole-house central air conditioning.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: For a rapid installation on vertical or horizontal windows, all attachments are supplied. Roll the air conditioner to your favorite cooling zone, install the window kit, turn the air conditioner on, and voila! Instant cooling without the heaviness of standard window air conditioners.
  • Quiet Operation: Due to the general Honeywell Portable AC’s dual-motor technology, it produces less noise. The Compact Series portable air conditioners output between 50 and 53 dB at their highest speed setting (depending on the model BTU). That’s about the volume of an average two-person conversation in a quiet room. 
  • Set It & Forget About It: The Honeywell Portable AC Smart Digital Thermostat system provides simple and precise room climate control. It’s simple to alter settings from across the room with clear digital controls and a full-function remote control.
  • Simple to Maintain and Store: The item has multiple drainage choices for greater humidity areas, giving you more versatility. Buckets are no longer required because of the self-evaporation system. When utilized as a dehumidifier, a continuous drain system can be set up in minutes. Simply roll the air conditioner into a storage room till next season. 


  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Quiet operation mode 
  • Easy to maintain and store 


  • Very noisy 
  • Limited cooling space 


Which Factors Should You Consider to Buy the Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioner?

To buy the best ventless portable air conditioner, you need to consider some significant factors. Purchasing a ventless air conditioner can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you are unfamiliar with the options. 

Moreover, there are so many alternatives on the market that going out to buy a ventless air conditioner without understanding what to look for will simply confuse you. The importance and advantages of ventless air conditioners cannot be overstated, which is why you must be meticulous while selecting the best ventless portable air conditioner.

Ease to Use

You need to consider how simple it is to operate a device. For increased convenience, several manufacturers offer removable tanks. 

Furthermore, some portable ductless air conditioners include remote controls, allowing you to alter settings without having to move.


When purchasing a ventless air conditioner, this should be your main priority. The majority of the products you will come across claim to be trustworthy. 

Although, this is not always the case, as some producers are just interested in making a profit. Purchasing a ventless air cooler from a reputable HVAC provider is one surefire way to assure that you are getting a trustworthy product.

As a result, obtaining it from a reliable provider is always the best option. Popular HVAC firms, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily in the business of making ventless air conditioners. They typically concentrate on venting.

Ventless Portable AC Runtime

On average, a well-made portable air conditioner will last ten years. However, if you maintain it properly, it may last another three to five years. You may quadruple the life of a portable air conditioner by using it infrequently and using less pressure.

If you put the air conditioner in a dusty area, the engine will become blocked, which can eventually lead to mechanical and electrical difficulties with the equipment. Place the air cooler in a clean room and clean it periodically if you want to keep it running for a long time.

In this regard, this is critical because some units only have a 3-hour run-time, which may not be sufficient. You can choose a device with at least 8 hours of battery life so you can sleep soundly. 

High Airflow

When purchasing an air conditioner, airflow should be the first characteristic you consider. The air conditioner will function better in general if the airflow is higher.

In addition, the airflow rates of ventless air conditioners vary. Another incentive to select a high-airflow air conditioner is that it will cool your home faster and more effectively.

Cooling Capacity

You have to determine how much cooling coverage your room requires first. You will need to calculate the square footage of the room. Moreover, the unit should be able to cover the entire room, ensuring that every corner is cool and pleasant.

Moreover, this unit is used to evaluate the cooling power of portable air conditioners, the higher the BTU rating, the larger the room that an air conditioner can cool. On the other hand, small spaces: A 7,000 to 10,000 BTU unit can effectively chill 300 square feet of space. In this regard, the 8,000-BTU Midea unit can cool rooms up to 150 square feet.


All of the factors described above are crucial, but the convenience aspect is the most important. It’s worth noting that most portable air conditioners don’t usually come with many functions like auto restart, a programmable timer, a digital display, and remote control.

In general, these qualities make the operation simpler. However, this does not imply that the gadget will be difficult to operate without these functions. Another item to think about is the unit’s mechanism for removing moisture. 

Moreover, some portable units include an exterior drainage hose, while others have an interior container that must be emptied on a regular basis. Ventless air conditioners that use evaporative technology to recycle surplus moisture have improved because of technological advancements. 

These devices pull moist air out of the air and condense water to cool the hot coils before evaporating it. This eliminates the need for a water bucket or hoses to empty the unit.


Hoses are likely the most crucial setup piece of a portable air conditioning system. More than the heat outside, your air conditioner needs to regulate the warm air it produces on a hot summer day. 

Moreover, the air conditioner must bring in hot air and expel it outdoors through one vent while pulling in air from another, regardless of the number of hoses. You must pick between two alternative air conditioner configurations for this reason. Here are some specifics for each to help you understand.

Water Tank

Due to high humidity, filthy air filters, or a clogged drain line, a portable air conditioner can quickly fill with water. To clear any blockages in the AC unit, clean the filters, drain the hose, and drain the tank.

Moreover, the removal of humidity from the room is a part of the cooling process. It is usual for the tank to fill up quickly when first installed, after not being used for a long, or in high humidity settings, requiring more regular emptying.

In this regard, the water in the tank will not build as much once the air conditioner has been operating for a while and the room has a reduced humidity level.

  • In Cool mode, the portable air conditioner should not require the emptying of the tank. When in use, the machine is designed to continually evaporate the water.
  • You may need to drain the tank sometimes while in Heat mode. 

Low Noise Level

The majority of ventless air conditioners are noisy, which you may not appreciate. The good news is that most manufacturers attempt to establish a balance between noise and airflow. It’s worth noting that ventless air coolers can produce above 1000 CFR airflow, which can produce up to 70+ dB of noise. 

Moreover, there are some quiet products among the six we have listed above, and some that whisper quiet. It all depends on your preferences. The purpose of purchasing a ventless air conditioner is to improve the comfort of your personal space. 

However, if the air conditioner you purchase is noisy, this will not be feasible, which is why it is critical to ensure that it whispers quietly.

Timer or Alerts System

It’s aggravating to have to get up in the middle of the night to maintain the ventless air cooler. You can avoid this by opting for a unit with a timer. 

In this case, you may program it to turn off automatically to save energy and time. Aside from that, choose a unit that gives low water alarms so it doesn’t have to operate when the water level is low, which can damage the unit.


When purchasing a ventless air conditioner, the last item to consider is your budget. You must ensure that the price is within your budget and that you are receiving good value. 

Some ventless air conditioners are pricey, while others are affordable. The size, design, and total capacity of the device all influence the price of a ventless air conditioner.

Price Range of Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

The cost of a ventless portable air conditioner is determined by a number of factors. The most important is its power capacity and the amount of space it can cool. 

Other considerations include indoor and outdoor use, as well as tank size. Let’s look at the various price points and the options available.

Suitable Space Room Size Price Range 
Personal Space or Small Room Up to 200 square feet$25 – $100
Medium Space like Living Room, Bedroom, Play Area, or Office Up to 600 square feet$100 – $400
Indoor or Outdoor Space Up to 700 square feet$400 – $600
Commercial Space More than 700 square feet$600 – 1000

Save Your Time & Worth Choosing the Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

I have already shown you which are the best portable and ventless air conditioners for each room size and how to choose the right one for you. This article has the finest options for ventless air conditioners and stand-alone air conditioners that use a hose to remove hot air. 

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In this regard, you can try Whynter ARC-14S Portable Air Conditioner to get an overall performance and efficiency as well as it will be compatible with small, medium, and large rooms.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see from everything I have said so far, the best ventless portable air conditioners are ideal for rooms of any size. These devices allow you to enjoy cool summer temperatures and adequate humidity in the winter.

Moreover, it can be really uncomfortable in the office or at home during the summer, especially if you don’t have access to air conditioning. This article will assist you to choose the best ventless portable air conditioner from the above discussion. 

So, a ventless portable air conditioner is ideal if you want to invest in an air conditioner but don’t want to invest in a big device or are concerned about the wall. 


What is a ventless portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioners with no exhaust hose are known as ventless portable air conditioners. 

A ventless air conditioner produces cool air without the use of a refrigerant or a compressor system. Even though ventless air conditioners do not produce or remove heat from a space, they do not require a hose for ventilation.

This property makes them highly portable, allowing them to be moved from one location to another. Moreover, unlike window or central air conditioners, these units do not require installation and may be set up quickly without the need for a specialist.

So, ventless air conditioners work best in dry climates, sometimes known as swamp coolers.

What are the types of ventless portable air conditioners?

There are several types of ventless portable air conditioners that do not require ventilation, and the one you choose is mostly determined by the size of the room you intend to use it in.  The following are the different sizes of ventless air conditioners:

1. Ventless Air Conditioners for Small Spaces

You do not need a large ventless air conditioner if your personal area is small. Air conditioners with no vents are available for tiny spaces. Moreover, these air conditioners are ideal for rooms up to 120 square feet in size. 

They may not be ideal for living rooms, but they will fit in practically any bedroom. Ventless air conditioners for small spaces typically have a 145W power rating and a 194 CFM fan.

2. Ventless Air Conditioners for Large Spaces

A ventless air conditioner for larger rooms, such as living rooms or master bedrooms, is a superior alternative. 

These air conditioners are ideal for rooms up to 500 square feet in size. The air conditioner does not come with hoses or window access. Furthermore, despite their power consumption of at least 85W, they provide a 1300 CRM airflow.

3. Ventless Air Conditioners for Multipurpose Use

In other circumstances, choosing a ventless air conditioner that can service both a large and small room is the better alternative. 

However, there are a variety of possibilities. You can use them to bring your room’s temperature down by 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does a ventless air conditioner work?

These evaporative coolers are not the same as mini-split systems or portable air conditioners. Heat is extracted from inside the room and exchanged with fresh air from the outside in traditional vented air conditioners. The outside air is cooled to the desired temperature and blown inside the room using refrigerant-based devices.

Meanwhile, a ventless air conditioner does not require a hose to ventilate the space, it can be installed near a window. Instead, these air conditioners chill the warm air within the room with a water tank. 

However, the procedure is straightforward. The gadget takes in air from the room via a spongy damp medium that absorbs the heat from the air molecules. The water in the sponge evaporates in exchange, cooling the room-temperature air.

In most cases, the water reservoir is located at the bottom of the air conditioner. While some AC units rely on pumps to keep the cooling pads damp, others rely on gravity to maintain the tank at the top. Many types can also use ice from the water tank to generate cooler air.

What are the benefits of a ventless portable air conditioner?

These air conditioners are genuinely portable because they don’t have an exhaust system or vents. You don’t have to install them permanently, and you don’t require a professional to do it. Apart from this, consider the following advantages:

  • These air conditioners consume less energy and are therefore more environmentally friendly.
  • Highly portable and eco-friendly 
  • The fan uses 100 to 200W instead of compressors to chill and blow the air. As a result, these economic models can help you save a lot of money.
  • Easy to install and maintain 
  • You don’t need to waterproof anything because there are no parts that are exposed to the outside.
  • Ensure a continuous supply of fresh moist air
  • They impart moisture to the air, which makes them ideal for usage in arid climates.
  • These models require very little upkeep.

When Should You Avoid Purchasing a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner?

Many people benefit from ventless air conditioners, but there are a few small points to consider before purchasing one.

Require Precise Temperature Control

The mist is pushed into the surroundings by the blower, ensuring that heat evaporates the particles and provides a cooling effect. Most ventless devices do not have the same temperature control as typical portable air conditioners. You can control the temperature and enjoy the day without being surprised.

High Humidity Problem

When looking for an evaporative cooler, most descriptions will warn you not to buy one if the humidity level is above 50%.

During operation, the machine adds extra moisture to the space to encourage evaporation. There’s little a ventless device can do if there’s no dissipation because the air already has more water particles than it can carry.

Security Risks Associated with Open Windows

Swamp coolers work best with windows open. If this fact puts your home at risk, you should avoid these products in favor of a portable air conditioner and suitable window locks.

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