Can You Run Two Portable ACs At Once?

Running two portable air conditioners in the same circuit is not the best idea, considering there are chances of blowing the fuse. However, if you ask, Can you run two Portable ACs at once? Then the answer is affirmative. 

You can totally run two Portable ACs at once but you have to consider two factors and those are the power consumption of the AC and power supply of the place. Let me explain it to you shortly! 

Is It Safe to Run Two Portable ACs at the Same Time? 

It is safe to run portable ACs at the same time if there is no possibility of the fuse being blown. As you know, the fuse gets blown when the electric flow of an appliance or device is more than the electricity capacity. 

Like every other electronic device, portable air conditioners also require electricity to run. Life-changing information I know, but bear with me. Usually, the unit is watt and every item’s energy consumption rating is written on the packaging and you can easily check yours before you actually run the AC.

So, if you are planning to run two portable ACs at the same time, then you have to make sure that combined power consumption is not more than the capacity of the room. So, the point is that if your room’s electric capacity is enough to support two ACs power consumption, then you are good to go and it is safe. 

Why You Should Never Run Two Portable ACs At The Same Time?

Honestly, running two portable air conditioners in the same room is literally a bad idea because it is not helping to cool the room faster or disperse even air distribution. Instead, it ruins the potential of both ACs. Let me explain how. So, when two ACs are operating at the same time, the performance of the both is kind of being disrupted by each other. As a result, the cooling process takes more time and the air distribution is not even either. So, you are basically wasting energy while having the possibility of a blown fuse. I’m sure you will agree with me that the latter doesn’t sound fun. However, I do get your concern and I have a solution for you, which is even better than two portable air conditioners in a room. 

Window Air Conditioner Over Portable Air Conditioner 

Why do you need two ACs in a room, anyway? The reason can be that the AC is not powerful enough to cool the entire room or you’re worried about the increasing electricity bill. Either way, two ACs are not an excellent solution considering the bill being high and also losing floor space. 

That is when you know that you need a window AC in your life. Window ACs work better than portable ACs. so, the air distribution will be faster and even. Also, the AC will be on the wall thus you’re not losing any floor space. So, if your space is small, then window AC is the best option. Then lastly, the bill will also be lesser than the two portable ACs combined. In case you are worried about the room size, then you should explore and see which is the right fit for your home. 

If this isn’t even your option, then you can use a fan and portable AC together. That way, the AC will blow its air and the fan will disperse it. Or you can buy one portable air conditioner that is powerful enough for your space. However, if you can opt for a window AC, then definitely get one. 

Best Window Air Conditioner – Midea Window Air Conditioner

Midea Window Air Conditioner
Midea Window Air Conditioner

Midea Window Air Conditioner is a great alternative to the portable air conditioner. It excels all the qualities that portable air conditioners lack. It does the cooling super fast and disrupts the air evenly throughout the entire space. The installation is super easy and you are not losing any floor space. 

This AC has a dust filter and a dehumidifier too. It is the quietest air conditioner we have ever come across. You can operate it through remote or connect it with Wi-Fi and you can control it through your device or voice control. So, I must say that at this price point, this AC is a steal. 


  • Brand- Midea
  • Cooling Power – 8000 British Thermal Units
  • Special Feature- Dust Filter, Fast Cooling, Dehumidifier
  • Color- White
  • Voltage- 115 Volts
  • Noise Level- 42 dB

Key Features 

  • The combination of high quality inverter system makes the noise Level 42 dB
  • 33% more efficient than standard window ACs
  • It has flexible window opening, and anti theft lock mechanism
  • You can operate it through your android and iOS
  • Easy installation process



So, the conclusion is that you can run two portable ACs as long as they consume minimal energy. However, that is not a well-appreciated idea since it is not energy efficient. The smarter option would be to opt for an AC with more cooling power or a window AC works great too. 

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